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Letting the trees into the wedding

Modern life is concise and lively, and it bring a lot of convenience, and it
also let people away from pure and fresh and natural. Why don’t you hold a forest
theme party before the weeding? To practice the bright party and invite the
guests enjoy a pure and fresh feast, and give yourself a celebrating ceremony.
Trees are very good system wedding props, which can be put in marrying ceremony,
Blue by Enzoani Denise wedding dress selection, arrangement with various function
and so on, the small make up for your detailed introduce how to build a theme
wedding’s system.

By the wedding, bring physical and mental enjoyment for you. If you can put
in the trees around the place’s wedding, of course, it is the first choice of
wedding theme! Green trees bring vitality, fragrant flowers and even twitter
is’s wedding is added value to enjoy, a little ornament delicate and charming
flower material namely can harvest perfect delicate wedding. Trees ceremony
pavilion is very pure and fresh and beautiful If the site has the requirement
elusive, which also can through the trees to build decoration’s wedding style.

Ceremony pavilion is trees which can be incorporated into well platform, trees
and flowers + gauze curtain + Blue by Enzoani Denmark wedding dress can build’s natural wedding, which is simple
and romantic and elegant. Road lead is also applicable, divergent branches of
trees can shape the voluminous bold and unrestrained feeling, which is huge
and powerful. The trees in the courtyard after decoration, it is also very’s
system If you choose the wedding in a garden, garden in 1-2 trees, so you can
build the garden of tree, the trunk is wedding style, hanging on the string
or lighting flowers, branches and leaves in the paste all kinds of greeting
cards or riddle in the link, the root bottom make mark card or wish card, etc.
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The couple need to do someting before 6 months

There are six months before the weeding, the new people will still have some needing things to be sure, let’s see.

· order Maggie Sottero wedding gown, dress: after half a year’s information collection, trial assembly selected, now is the time for you to make a decision.

· choose Maggie Sottero Electra a matron of honour clothing and groomsman clothing according to the wedding banquet mass-tone attune, theme, a matron of honour groomsman candidate, to choose a matron of honour groomsman clothing according the actual circumstances.

· choose wedding photography, cameraman: make the wedding photography, you can choose good shot, pay attention to detail, at the same time, you can also give consideration to the scene of the shooting photographer.

· choose florist, or wedding teacher: it will come down sure wedding theme with flower art teacher communication, determine the flower material, design, color and put on, etc.

· and layout to meet the venue, discuss and confirm solution: the new venue layout can reveal the uncommon grade, which will give you advocate style even a artist’s work, and the other party thorough the communication, to ensure the effect such as you wish.

· booking live band or DJ: if you want to use a band to upgrade the atmosphere of the wedding party, at least three (3) months in advance booking, facilitate the band arrangement sessions, at the same time, you also need to discuss play pieces set aside enough time.

· began to plan to honeymoon with your lover, and you will make honeymoon location decision, to ensure that romantic honeymoon trip, because there is no hotel, air tickets, such as the high and grounding.

· final guest list.

· if wedding location is in a sightseeing place or special place, began to notice live farther guests.

· determine site: it is better near the  wedding place.

Mori lee 6751 wedding dresses 50$ coupon

DO YOU LILKE Mori lee 6751 Wedding Dress with sweep train A-Line Natural Waist sweetheart neckline http://www.kellybridalshop.com/images/Mori-lee/Mori-lee-6751_01.jpg ?

Mori lee is a nice wedding dress.it be made by Madeline Gardner.After graduating from The Fashion Institute of New York City, her goals of becoming a true designer took shape. Still a Jersey girl, she lives with her husband and two sons across the river from her SoHo studio.

ABOUT Mori lee 6751!

HEMLINE/TRAIN:sweep train
Waistlines:Natural Waist
Necklines:sweetheart neckline

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female’s huge chest PK

Who is the mos beautiful bosom woman in the world? Beautiful chest can let you set live the person’s vision, and conversed all living creatures. Now to follow the editor, to enjoy beautiful bosom women’s style.

The world beautiful bosom woman, Sophie, Howard

Sophie, Howard is familiar in recent years as a British beautiful girl, who has 34 ff of beautiful bosom. she is good at showing hot amorous feelings, and let a person take blood expansion action. A famous British entertainment magazine “Loaded” after a few weeks of screening and comparison in the world in the entertainment circle selected one hundred chest the most beautiful actress, but they were all lost to Sophie Howard – the pearl invincible, so she was elected as “the world the first beautiful bosom”.

Japan’s first beautiful bosom woman — Reon Kadena

Nowadays,Reon Kadena is the most popular Japan actress in opera, with 90 and, 87 measurements, an angelic face devil of a figure, this is the best interpretation of beauty.Now people get familiar with her who knows that she is belong to the little dew point of the stunning beauty, F cup let her a “Japan’s first beautiful bosom models,” .

China’s first beautiful bosom woman – zhang qianer

zhang qianer, China’s first beautiful bosom model, 2011 15th global miss tourism guangdong championship and the most popular media attention miss, who got world 2011 61th most Chinese beauty talent award, in 2010 China fashion underwear model contest for best popularity. In the picture, you can see, zhang qianer has long legs, nice and slim figure, the most attractive is her “bimodal”, sexy temptation.

The attention matters of love sea weeding photos

We invite you this net friend Tina, she will tell you the Maggie Sottero photography shooting experience. Do you want to shoot the new photography by her experience? There are some needing attention.
Never you are diving, but whether you get married site or not, then you can choose Maggie Sottero Parisianna marriage gauze or looking for wedding company, which has been in the study, which have formed the love knot on every day of good habit. Take Maggie Sottero photography studio or the you can make other choice, the choice of the set of system is sanya (5 sets of clothing) which have the pictures taken after very satisfied, another man also has a few little experience, they would like to share with you. We hope to offer a little help.
They are thinking about taking a group of photos before go to Sanya, when choose the hotel you should pay attention to the introduction of the pool, the final effect is very satisfied, ha ha! When you book the hotel you can special played two times attention to confirm whether the pool can be used to shoot, this photo brfore I saw I like it very much, actually late finishing adjustment is not much, glass can be made into use, so you really can only admire the photographer’s capability.
The second set of clothing chose a special ordinary Maggie Sottero small white dress, the husband’s clothes is their own, like the sea optional sense, so you have no choice together or trailing big wedding.
I t like this yarn very much, hey hey. The third set of clothes chose a Maggie Sottero Zabrina dress, like it very much, although I know put on my affirmation and the model can’t ratio, but I still want to try, it is estimated that I will get married when I have the chance to wear this Maggie Sottero dress!

WHO has bought dress Mori lee 6706 from www.kellybridalshop.com

WHO has bought dress Mori lee 6706 from www.kellybridalshop.com?I like

Mori lee 6706 Bridal Gown floor length A-Line Natural Waist sweetheart neckline http://www.kellybridalshop.com/images/Mori-lee/Mori-lee-6706_01.jpg

and i want to buy this dress!who can tell me where can buy cheap dress?

about this dress is

“HEMLINE/TRAIN:floor length
Waistlines:Natural Waist
Necklines:sweetheart neckline”



The bride do western pear

When the bride bows her head, it means hurts - wedding will come, she looked down at her baggy big butt, and topple are resolutly don’t drop legs dewlap, she is quite angry. Therefore, we make a gentle and graceful lower body plan,  following the practice, you can put on this beautiful Casablanca wedding dress!

1. Climb stairs movement. on one day, you don’t use the lift, and intends to increase the number of climbing stairs and down stairs in the process, increase the leg and arm of the amplitude, exercise hip and thigh, calf and local games have more effect, then you can have perfect figure in a short time.

2. ride a bike at home. To the gym on flywheel aerobic, because it belong to group course, professional teachers guide you to fit different music and tread out different rhythm speed in front of you. But this will lead the leg muscles too nervous. Might as well buy a fitness bike at home, watching TV or listening to music, edge leisure trample, change shape when you are relaxed.

Nutrition cook-book

Breakfast: French bread, milk, only one cup, white boiled eggs, vegetable soup (tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, ginger slice),  1 ~ 2 pieces fruit, compound vitamin 1 grain.

Lunch: vegetable collocates meat, eat more fish, shellfish or soy products compensatory nutrition, and prepare 1-2 pieces fruit.

Dinner: vegetarian is given priority to, but also you should pay attention to fat intake, vegetable soup (tomatoes, celery, lettuce, ginger slice), fruit 1-2 pieces, compound vitamin 1 grain.

Before you go to sleep, if you feel hungry, you can drink yogurt without sugar.


The details of the wedding dress of the Maggie Sottero

The details of the wedding dress of the Maggie Sottero


Details of the Maggie Sottero wedding dress reflect the quality of another major elements. At present, in the wedding dress, most attachments such as  ornamental design modelling, nail bead, lace, embroidery, etc. Each individual also has its different process. For ordinary consumers, only the two points can check out the stand or fall of it:


Ps1: whether all the details are delicate.


Details of the process directly reflect the quality of a thing. Very common nail bead have manual clamp plate and rubber touch. Of course, the former is good. Manual should pay attention to whether it is strong, whether it is cable head, whether it is different, and so on.


Ps2: the quality of the attached decoration.


As we know that water diamond will be divided into Mr Drill, Czech drilling, Korea drill, domestic A drill, domestic B drill; Bud silk metropolitan divided into soft bud, car bone similar diamond; Ornamental design modelling is solid and easy, clever; Embroidery is fine, and so on.


Different details shows different styles. For instance, nail bead  can give a person a kind of pearlescent costly felling; Three-dimensional ornamental design modelling is a kind of elegant, meaningful inner costly; And bud silk is romantic style GuiZuQi qualitative typical representative; Embroidery as for classical, which is graceful and restrained optimal explanation.


This is a starndard taste that a shrewd bride must have. So for a perfect marriage gauze, the high quality is the most important. We hope that you are able to pick out the most favorite weeding dress of the Maggie Sottero Azelia,and become the most beautiful bride.

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The wife let you not resist temptation in the bed

Have a out of the hall into the kitchen in the wife of the bed, is the dream of every man. She is appear serious reserved, is amorous feelings in bed? what are things or habit unable to resist the temptation in the bed for you?

“My wife is the kind of person who is more conservative, on the sex is not very open, she occasionally there are one or two times, drink a little wine, a little drunk whisper softly in my ear that she wants to make love, let me have a boiling passion.”

those wives who shy, as long as occasionally to their own needs, has let men very crazy that little universe outbreak!!!!

“When we’re not married yet, once my girlfriend and I go to the cinema. At the beginning of the movie, she suddenly told me quietly she wore a t-shaped pants. At first I surprise that what is relation t-shaped pants and the movies? But as a result, I began absent-minded, always want to know what kind of t-shaped pants. Later we didn’t finish the movie, took her back quickly. This habit has been retained to now, she from time to time will suddenly told me that she didn’t wear underwear, every time I feel excited.”

“My wife is a curious baby, like every fresh things. But also in bed, she often will pick some appreciation, then let me see, then she will ask us to try in the film she likes or curious of the way. Together with her there’s always something waiting for us. Every time I have been got extremely excited!”